Contemporary Pet Portraiture



"I will treasure always."

"First, I would like to commend you on your fabulous work. Not only was I touched by the beautiful and (thoughtful) gift from my husband, but I was simply blown away by how amazing the painting itself is. I love the vibrant colours and am so thankful that you were truly able to  capture Kelsey's spirit. I see so much of her brightness and curiosity in the eyes...and am astounded that you were able to achieve this. As it stands, I have told everyone I know of your fabulous work land have received countless "oohhs" and " ahhs" from those that have viewed the piece since its unveiling. Thank you again for this amazing portrait.  I will treasure always." - Carla

"Absolutely breathtaking"

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to let your know we received the painting of Lucy, it is absolutely breathtaking... we of course started crying. We couldn't believe how beautiful it is, you really did capture her big Kool Aid smile! Thank you again!" - Leah 


"Hello. A few years ago you painted portraits of my beloved pugs who had passed away. I was admiring these today, as I do everyday, and was reminded just how much I treasure them. When I look at them its as if I'm looking right at Olivia and Winston, and that means so much to me. So I thought I'd tell you how much you and your work means to me. Hopefully I won't need another for a long time, but when I do, I know just who to find. You." - Sandy